Nasz Zespół w składzie: Katarzyna ‚Caria’ Sobkowicz, Patryk Jarosz, Jarek Jaroszewski, Marek Jaroszewski, Piotr Mieruszyński, stworzył bazując na silniku Unreal 4 – w ciągu 3 dniowego Game Jamu organizowanego przez Epica,  niesamowitą grę – Purgatory! Konkurencja była duża, jednak dla nas to tylko dodatkowa motywacja do zwycięstwa 🙂

Teraz czekamy na oficjalne wyniki z Epica. Trzymajcie kciuki!


“The Purgatory” is a small indie game focusing around the idea of “playing with Death” in hope of winning ones life back.

Today is the 10th of September 2015. Your name Is John Blake C.E.O of a of a small but well prospering firm, loving father and husband. You were on your way back from work, it was late. and then something bad happened. You don’t know what or why exactly, you remember a car crash, pain and then… nothing. You found yourself in darkness, alone. Then you heard a voice telling you that you died.. And offered you a deal to bring you your life back.
Game Features:
– Procedural world generation with sublevel streaming system
– Physical interaction and manipulation of ingame objects
– Physicaly based riddles
– Voice acted story.
– Hd 3d realistic graphics
– Interesting areas to see